Miguel Verdeguer

Professor of EU Law & EU Economics

Miguel Verdeguer Segarra

Professor Miguel Verdeguer is member of the Lawyers’ and Economists’ Bar Associations in Spain.

He holds an international Ph.D. with a distinction “Cum Laude” in the twofold doctoral program of EU Law and Economics from CEU San Pablo University (Madrid, Spain) where he was mentored by Professor Jerónimo Maillo. He partially developed his doctoral dissertation at Fordham University (New York, USA) where he was mentored by Professor Barry Hawk. His Ph.D. was supported by Cambridge University Library (Cambridge, UK).

Professor Verdeguer has a vast academic background from a variety of renowned institutions, such as King’s College of London (London, UK), Brussels School of Competition (Brussels, Belgium), College of Diplomacy (Madrid, Spain), Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (Madrid, Spain), amongst others.

Before devoting himself to teaching at University, Professor Verdeguer gained working experience in the private sector as a practitioner in the field of EU Competition Law and Internal Market Law. And in the public sector, as Junior EU Public Affairs Manager at the Delegation of Valencia in Brussels, and as stagiaire at the European Commission.

Politically active in the Spanish People’s Party since 2004. More precisely, in the constituency of the city center of Valencia (Ciutat Vella), where he has held the position of Secretary-General for European Union Affairs since 2015 and where, in his youth, he held the chairmanship of the constituency’s youth branch. He also ran in the local elections of Otos in 2007. Nowadays, Miguel Verdeguer is head spokesperson for the People’s Party at Ciutat Vella’s council (Junta Municipal).

Nowadays, Professor Verdeguer lectures on EU Law and EU Economics at CEU San Pablo University (Madrid, Spain) and EDEM Business School (Valencia, Spain), respectively. * See below the most recent specific topics:



European Union Affairs Competition Policy
Communication of supranational policies at a local level. Digital Markets Act.
EU Citizenship and democratization of the EU. Competition Policy & Inflation.
The EU Green Deal and the Digital strategy. Competition Policy & Climate Change.
Towards a Common Defense Policy. Interlocking Directorates.